The majority of the data used by NOAH is provided by:
	US Dept of Commerce
	National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
	National Weather Service 
	Silver Spring, MD 20910
and is not subject to copyright protection.

All NOAHweather specific graphic/logos created by the talented and hard working
Paul Winter (dismaldonkey) he holds the Copyright (C) 2003 but has granted
permission of use by NOAH Weather and any affiliated group running NOAH
weather. - August 1, 2003

NEXRAD/Weather Radar Data
All NEXRAD/Weather Radar raw data is provided by Gerry Creager and the Texas Mesonet
at the Texas A&M University. As this system is based on relatively high speed Internet
connectivity, and thus subject to any of a number of failures, we recommend you not make
NOAHweather your primary source of RADAR images for critical applications or situations. 
Any issues related to NOAHweather radar data should be referred to NOAHweather and NOT
Gerry. Questions about the Texas Mesonet should be sent directly to Gerry.